skeie industridesign

PIVCO CityBee (PIV2)
The first CityBee was the second electric vehicle development by PIVCO AS (now named Think). It was the first model to be type approved and certified for use on public roads. 13 cars were produced between December1993 and February 1994. The 10 first cars were launched at the 1994 Winter Olympic Games at Lillehammer and used for inner-city distribution during the 2 week event. In June 1994 11 cars were displayed and used for transportation of ministers from Europa at the Eureka conference 1994, also at Lillehammer. The cars were then used in different test programs and 2 crash tests were performed.

Stig Olav Skeie was Chief Designer for the design program which got external support from Designkontoret/Espen Thorup (exterior) and BEID/Bård Eker (interior).