skeie industridesign

THINK city (PIV4/A266)
"An electric city car. No pollution, exhaust or noise. The fact that you are willing to consider a car so environment-friendly, for yourself or for your company, shows that you're clearly different from other car buyers. TH!NK city shows it. The ideal city car. Room for two and baggage. Easy to park. Rugged thermoplastic exterior. Range to go anywhere in the city. All with absolutely no pollution."
(Extract from TH!NK city brochure 1999)

The first TH!NK city was the predecessor of the PIVCO CityBee. Still with rotomoulded body panels, but now separated into smaller panels. The lower frame was made in steel, while the upper frame was a simplified space frame in aluminium.
The car was launched in Brüssel in 1998 as PIVCO Think, but was renamed TH!NK city when Ford aquired PIVCO in January 1999. 1005 vehicles were produced between 1999 and 2002.

Stig Olav Skeie was Chief Designer and responsible for the exterior design while Katinka von der Lippe designed the interior. TH!NK city received the Award for Design iExcellence by the Norwegian Design Council in 1999..