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MicroStation logo
Bentley MicroStation V8i - Select Series 2
In use since 1991
MicroStation is a general 3D CAD package
with very large flexibility, high precision and excellent user friendliness.
It is especially good at handling large and complex assemblies. It has always had good tools for creating powerful raytracings inside the 3D environment. With the latest inclusion of the Luxology raytracer, this 3D tools is stronger than ever.

File format: *.DGN/*.DWG/*.DXF
Export/import formats: *.IGES/*.STEP/*.3DS/*.STL/*.PARASOLIDS ++
3D CAD modeling
(3-Dimensional Computer Aided Design)
All projects since 1990 have been designed with 3D CAD software and exist as 3D models. The 3D data is used for defining the product shapes, making prototypes, models and is the underlay for the production tools
. During the design process 3D CAD is an important tool for creating and evaluating packaging studies, evaluating proportions, form concepts, colour concepts, connections etc. The 3D models are used through the design process for generating images, illustrations and presentations for discussions and evaluations.
The following 3D tools are used:
SolidWorks logo

Dassault Systems SolidWorks Professional 2011 SP 2.0
In use since 2006
SolidWorks is a much used software within mechanical design. Solid modelling in combination with advanced surface modelling capabilities
makes this tool excellent for industrial design usage. It is also equipped with the Luxology raytracer.

File format: *.SLDPRT/*.SLDASM/*.SLDDRW
Export/import formats: *.IGES/*.STEP/*.VDAFS/*.DXF/*.STL/ *.PARASOLIDS ++

Alias logo

Alias Studio v.12
In use since 1999
Alias Studio is a high-end 3D surface
modelling tool especially well-known for use for automotive and product design with complex surfaces that demand high quality and finish. Alias has also superb 2D schetching tools that can be combined inside the 3D environment.

File format: *.WIRE
Export/import formats: *.IGES/*.STEP/*.VDAFS/*.DXF/*.STL/*.IV ++


Rhinoceros logo

McNeel Rhinoceros v.4.0 SR8
In use since 1997
Rhino is
a NURBS surface modelling tool used for special tasks like data transfer, 3D digitizing in addition to surface modelling.

File format: *.3DM
Export/import formats: *.IGES/*.STEP/*.3DS/*.DGN/*.DXF/*.STL ++

NexGenErgonomics logo
NexGenErgonomics HumanCAD ManneQuin Pro v. 10.2
In use since 1993
ManneQuinn is an ergonomic software for generating and manipulating 3D human models for ergonomic use.
10 nationalities, 3 body sizes and various percentiles can be generated. Both male and female models are generated and also children in age 3 to 12 years. The human models can be rotated. Field of view, reach zones and strength of arms and feets in different poistures etc. can be calculated. The models can be exported to other CAD software and used for packaging studies, in illustrations etc.

File format: *.MQP
Export/import formats: *.DXF/*.3DS
Catalyst logo

Stratasys Dimension Catalyst EX v.4.0.1
In use since 2007
Catalyst is a special 3D tool for analyzing *.STL files and preparing them for generating rapid prototype paths used for building 3D FDM models. It calculates different building times and material consumption depending on how the 3D model is positioned in the rapid prototype machine.

File format: *.CMB
Export/import formats: *.STL

Other software used

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash etc
. is ued for 2D graphic work, sketching, photo editing, presentations, illustrations and for web page development.
DAZ Studio is a 3D tool for generating realistic 3D models of people, animals etc. that can be incorporated in other 3D software.
ArchVision RPC models used for including 2D/3D photos of people, trees, cars when making raytracing and illustrations of 3D models.
Dosch Design delivers 3D models of cars, objects, environments, backgrounds etc. used as illustrations when generating raytracings.