skeie industridesign

Industrial design
Design of products, systems and services, design management,
design analysis etc.

Product development
Skeie Industridesign offers services in product development. This means we go further than what is normally performed in a industrial design project. An ideal solution for companies with small or no engineering teams.

3D CAD modelling
All projects are performed with use of 3D CAD modelling systems. Various 3D software is used and a wide range of file types can be read or written when transferring files between different systems.

3D printing
Skeie Industridesign deliver rapid prototype models in robust plastic material (ABS). Other model types can be delivered via our network.

Skeie Industridesign deliver visualization images based on 3D CAD model and 2D/3D sketching. Animations can also be made. Presentations normally consists of 2D images, but also interactive 3D PDF files can be included. Here the product can be evaluated, rotated, shaded, sectioned etc. in a commonly readable PDF file.