skeie industridesign

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A small, but thourough & effective design studio
Skeie Industridesign is a design company owned and driven by Stig Olav Skeie, Industrial Designer MNID and Automotive Engineer.

Skeie Industridesign offer services in industrial design, design management, product development and model making. Stig Olav Skeie is a designer with broad experience in both transportation and product design, with experience especially in large and complex projects.

All projects are performed with basis in effective use of 3D CAD software from concept stage to production. The user has always the main focus in the design process. Combined with a broad knowledge in production processes, materials, ergonomi and environmental issues, merged with the urge for developing functional, aesthetical and innovative solutions, the goal is always to design the optimal product within the time schedules and economical frames given.

Stig Olav Skeie has large experience in leading and co-operating with international teams of designers, engineers, 3D modelers and modelmakers. Depending on the type of project I work independently or together with the clients own project teams (represented by R&D, management, sales, marketing and production departments etc.). For clients with none or smaller development units etc., I can give suppot in the complete development process. When needed, I can involve my own network of designers, engineers, modelmakers etc.

Skeie Industridesign is located
with office at Sjøparken Larvik
in Stavern, a small city
located 130km south-
west of Oslo. See location
on the
maps pages.