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Change in address and contact information
I have today moved out of the offices at Sjøparken Larvik at Agnes, Stavern. New address is: Signalveien 4, 3292 Stavern. Office telephone and telefax will not be in use anymore, I can be contacted on mobile number +47 9061 8939 or +47 9020 8998.
Elbil på norsk
Book about electric cars in Norway released today
A new book about norwegian electric car history was launched today at Stratos, Oslo. Transnova ( has initiated and are publishing the book titled "Elbil på norsk" (Electric vehicles in norwegian). The authors are Øystein Asphjell, Arne Asphjell and Hans Håvard Kvisle. Stig Olav Skeie has contributed with information and photos from the Think history. The book can be ordered at the web page (only in norwegian).
VG Topp 100 design 1912-2012
Top 100 design 1912-2012
On behalf of the norwegian newspaper VG, the director at the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, Widar Halèn, has made a Top 100 list of norwegian design from the last Century. Stig Olav skeie is represented on the list with the electric car Think city (1999) and the galosh Swims Classic (2006). The list was published in VG August 6. but can also be read on their web page here (only in norwegian).

AHO Norsk bildesign
Norwegian Maritime Design - new exhibition opened at AHO
The exhibition Norwegian Maritime Design opened today at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, AHO. Kongsberg Maritime is one of the companies that are represented. The exhibition is open from March 12th until March 28th. See the Gallery AHO webside for opening hours and more detailed information here (only in norwegian). You can read more about AHO here.

Stig Olav Skeie engaged by Kongsberg Maritime AS
Stig Olav Skeie is from August 15th working full-time for Kongsberg Maritime as Senior Designer. Main focus will be on user centred design, interaction design and integration of hardware and software design in the Product and Development department at KM Offshore. Read more about Kongsberg Maritime here.

Skeie Industridesign will continue with its office in Stavern, but will no longer have capacity for new clients and projects.

skeie industridesign
Updated web page
This web page has got a needed facelift. Most of the content on the intranet pages are now available. Flash technology is still used, but many pages now have an alternative for browsers that do not support Flash. The pages are best viewed on a large screen with high resolution. Alternatively reduce the page size by using the zoom functionality found in most browsers. Some of the pages with Norwegian language are still in progress and will be completed within the next weeks.
AHO Norsk bildesign
Norwegian car design - new exhibition opened at AHO
Today the Minister of Trade and Industry, Trond Giske, opened the exhibition "Norsk bildesign" (norwegian car design) at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, AHO. Stig Olav Skeie is represented with two of the Think models he has been involved in, TH!NK city and TH!NK Ox. The exhibition is open from November 24th to December 8th. See the Gallery AHO webside for opening hours and more detailed information here. A report from the opening you can find here (only in Norwegian).
2500th TH!NK city produced
THINK city no. 2.500 produced
Think Global announced that the 2.500th TH!NK city was produced today. This means there is now a lot more new series two TH!NK city's on the road than of the first model. A total of 1.005 cars were then produced between 1999 and 2002. Read more on the the Think website at
Mattis test period finalized
A new mathematical education kit for use in kindergardens and junior school has completed its first test program. The test feedback was very positive. Skeie Industridesign has designed the box with content and has been responsible for making the two prototype sets. Adjustmenst and design for production is next step.
The plan is to launch the product in 2011.
Kigatoo logo
Kigatoo AS established
new company focusing on developing education tools for children are now formed and registered. Stig Olav Skeie is one of the shareholders and will be responsible for design and logistics of the new products that are under development. The first product to be launched is a mathematical education kit named Mattis®.
Stig Olav Skeie to work full time in Skeie Industridesign
I will be working full time in Skeie Industridesign from February 1st. My last full-time engagement with Think has come to an end, 17 years after I first was engaged as Chief Designer in 1993. I will now focus on design and innovation in a range of various product categories. Main focus will be development of ideas from concept stage to production, some for existing businesses and som for new companies. I will also do projects as design consultant.