Swims Ballerina
Swims Ballerina introduced
After the large success with the Swims Classic galoshes for men, Swims today introduced a female galosh. Designed by Stig Olav Skeie with support from Swims founder Johan Ringdal. Traditionally there have not been many galoshes available for ladies, but this has now changed. The Swims Ballerina is available in 5 colours: Liquorice (Black), Chocolate (Dark brown), Pearl (Light Grey), Lemon (Bright yellow) and Bubble Gum (Pink). For more details see the Swims Ballerina pages here.
Motor show Bil 07 opened
The new TH!NK city is for the first time since the relaunch displayed at an larger motor show. The exhibition "Bil 07" opened yesterday at Norway Trade Fairs outside Oslo. It will be open until 11.11. See some of my images from the show here
Swims Classic XXL comparison
Swims Classic now available as XXL
Today the Swims Classic galoshes can be delivered in size XXL in addition to the X-Large, Large and Medium sizes. Skeie Industridesign has delivered the design and 3D modelling of the upscaled XXL size. It will fit shoes in size 45-47.
Award for Design Excellence
Swims galoshes receives Award for Design Excellence 2007
At the Design Day 2007 Swims Classic received the Award for Design Excellence by the Norwegian Design Council. Designed by Stig Olav Skeie and Johan Ringdal. The jury’s verdict: "Swims has embraced a conservative, dying product and added some new thoughts and ideas. Modern design and the use of colour have given new life to an old classic.....A product you simply have to love!" Read more on Norwegian Design Council 's webpages or at Photos of the galosches can be viewed here.

TH!NK city
Think Global launches TH!NK city
Think Global today launched the latest version of TH!NK city. A year after the take-over, more norwegian and foreign investors are on board and have secured the life of this unique electric vehicle. The model was developed when Ford Motor Company owned the company. Designed by Stig Olav Skeie (Chief Designer/Exterior) and Katinka von der Lippe (Interior). Recent development now include newer and larger batteries that will improve the range by more than 100%. Production will start autumn 2007. See more on
New telephone and telefax numbers
New telephone number is (+47) 3321 0950
and new telefax number is (+47) 3321 1160
SolidWorks logo
SolidWorks Office Professional 2007 obtained
To better serve various clients, Skeie Industridesign has purchased another 3D CAD system; SolidWorks. With the latest version named 2007, new tools for advanced surfacing are included. These are fully integrated within the solid modelling environment, and will increase productivity when working with variable fillet radii etc. SolidWorks focus on what industrial designers needs and has convinced me that they are a valuable software partner.
Updated website
Finally this webpage has got it's long-awaited facelift. More details regarding projects I have been involved in will be updated on the >work pages during the next weeks.
Swims Classic
New Swims press photos
Last week Marius Ektvedt took a range of nice photos for Swims. Click here to see a selection of them.
Swims Classic
SWIMS overshoes are now available
SWIMS are now available in more than 20 finer retailers in Norway's largest cities. Abroad you sofar can find them in selected shops in Stocholm, Gothenburg, Malmoe, Copenhagen, Reykjavik, London, Berlin and Hamburg. Or you can order them via internet. For more information visit or see the SWIMS project site here
Sjoparken Larvik
Moving to new office in Stavern
Skeie Industridesign is now located at Sjøparken ("sea park") Larvik just outside Stavern city center. The old office building is historical and scheduled as a monument. New visiting address is Agnes Industrial Estate, Building 52, ground floor (see >contact >maps). Postal address and telephone numbers etc. remains the same.
Planar Xscreen M100
New 100" screen from Planar Xscreen launched
The 100" HDTV front projection screen is the largest in the new range of 16:9 format home theater screens. Skeie Industridedsign has designed and done the detailed construction of the new building concept in co-operation with the Xscreen development team. See or read todays Planar press release.
Think is taken over by Norwegian Investor Group
A Norwegian investment group has taken over Think Nordic. Two new companies are established; Think Global AS and Think Technology AS. The group will "strive for an international market through partnering and license production, and will evaluate the use of new advanced batteries and fuel cells in the vehicles". For more information see
Think Nordic AS filed for bankruptcy
After major financial problems the last months, Think Nordic filed for bankruptcy today. After 4 years of ownership Ford Motor Company sold Think Nordic to Swiss-based Kamkorp Microelectronics 2003.01.31. Three years later this chapter in Think's history is closed.
Swims Classic
Swims galosches launched
Swims AS has launched their new modern overshoes. Galoshes that prevents your favourite shoes from beeing damaged by rain, snow and general wear & tear. It will during winter/spring 2006 be available in selected shops in Oslo and Stockholm and on the Swims webshop. Designed by Stig Olav Skeie in close co-operation with SWIMS founder Johan Ringdal. For more information see the Swims project site or visit
Dimension 3D printer
Dimension FDM 3D printer installed
A 3D printer was delivered and installed today. The Stratasys Dimension SST 768 rapid prototyping machine makes strong and durable ABS models using the FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) technic. By having a 3D printer in-house, Skeie Industridesign can deliver 3D models and prototypes very fast and with full discretion.

The 3D printer will primarily be used for internal projects, but will be available for external projects as well. For more info see here.
Designdagen Rogaland 2007
Designdagen Rogaland 2007
Tomorrow "Designdagen Rogaland 2007"
(the Design Day 2007) will be arranged in Stavanger. The conference is arranged by Innovasjon Norge. Stig Olav Skeie are one of the speakers and will talk about how the design and environmental mindset has been an important factor in the development of electric vehicles during the last 15 years. Other speakers are Gunn Ovesen (Innovation Norway), Jan Stavik (Norwegian Design Council), Roberto Verganti (Politecnico di Milano/Harvard Business School), Per Ariel Hofstad/Tore Meling/Stein Bjelland (Nuproduction AS), Pål Hjort Berge/Trond Fernblad (Fasett AS) and Svein Gunnar Kjøde (Geriljaworks AS).